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    SecretCEO is an ethically driven programme aiming to help small businesses succeed without large financial stress

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[ The Easy Way To Grow Your Small Business ]

[ The Mission ]

SecretCEO is an ethically driven programme aiming to help small businesses grow through online solutions without large financial stress.  

Our memberships enable small businesses to benefit from big business initiatives, keeping costs down by sharing software and expertise costs between our members.

Our mission is to help level the playing field by addressing some of these cost & expertise hurdles, making growth attainable for small businesses across 3 primary focuses:

  1. Visits: Increasing organic traffic without ‘paid advertising’ campaigns.
  2. Engagement: Capturing customer data and analysing behaviour.
  3. Sales: Automating correspondence and sales campaigns.

[ Our Values ]

To keep our decisions simple, we uphold the following three values:

  1. Offer only one solution for each strategy – the one that we have found to be the most powerful and effective at the best value.
  2. Keep costs as low as possible – passing on discounts and sharing subscription costs.
  3. Never expect SecretCEOs (that’s you!) to learn how to use the software.

[ Who Is It For? ]

SecretCEO is NOT for big business – if you have website traffic of 2,500 visitors per day you’ll need more of a dedicated server environment, but if not, we’d love to get you to that level!

SecretCEO is here to help sole traders/small independent operators become big enough to kick us to one side and hire their own full time IT staff.

To protect small businesses we prevent big businesses from taking advantage of our solutions. We also do this by imposing a strict 3 unit per month limit on discounted work carried out through the programme.

[ How Does It Work? ]

Quite simply, SecretCEO works on a co-operative cost sharing model. This applies to ALL costs across the board, hardware (hosting), software subscriptions and IT professional time.

Each month, we produce a report that provides a clear overview of your website progress. You choose the areas of growth you want to focus on that month and we action the work with no wasted discussion, time or cost.

Furthermore, you can upgrade or downgrade your package at any time – only ever paying for the essential work you really need to grow.

[ The SecretCEO Service ]

To onboard you as a SecretCEO we only need a few simple details from you and then we take care of everything.

Onboarding includes bringing your website into our professional structure (see below), establishing your initial goals and moving forward with your first month’s growth initiative.

  • Google Cloud Hosting
  • Additional Amazon Backup
  • WPMU DEV (Premium Plugins for security and much more)
  • OptinMonster
  • 1 FREE Data Capture (A/B test)
  • Live Chat Setup
  • Coded Google Business Tags
  • Configure G-suite if required

[ Our Ongoing Service Includes ]

  • 1,2 or 3 growth units of work (depending on the package you choose)
  • All WordPress & Security Updates (if your theme is no longer supported this will fall outside of our generic coverage)
  • Plug In Updates
  • Website Restore Within One Hour
  • Monthly Progress Report


As an extra benefit, you have access to a 20% discount on Active Campaign* – our chosen software for managing customer information and automated lead funnels.

If you’re serious about growing your sales we highly recommend you take advantage of this discount. To make the transition easy we set this up for free, and even include a free AB test unit!

*To find out why we choose Active Campaign over Mailchimp/Constant Contact – click on the links to learn more.

Active Campaign v Constant Contact

Active Campaign v Mailchimp

3 plans to become a SecretCEO

Our Pricing & Packages

You can upgrade/downgrade anytime

$ 149


  • All SecretCEO tools and software
  • One monthly unit of work


Why Choose this Package

Our entry level package not only powers your website with the comprehensive suite of professional tools set out above but so that your web strategy doesn’t remain static, it includes one monthly Analysis or Action Unit and Monthly SecretCEO Report. This allows you to learn and observe how your strategy will shape itself, without having to investigate and learn new software.

Get started now
$ 219


  • All SecretCEO tools and software
  • Two monthly units of work


Why Choose this Package

This package gives you two Analysis or Action Units which enables you to balance research and action – perfect for accelerating growth on your business or balancing strategy planning whilst delivering new initiatives.

Get started now
$ 289


  • All SecretCEO tools and software
  • Three monthly units of work


Why Choose this Package

This package represents the limit at which we will allow small businesses to engage in our growth strategies. It allows you to direct progress in multiple areas, unlocking the maximum value from our discounted services. Most small businesses can enjoy huge benefits from three structured Analysis & Action Units each month, allowing them to see growth across traffic, engagement and sales.

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Monthly Options

Your Choice of Units

Each month your plan includes a minimum of one unit of work.

Market SEO

Find out what the market is searching for relevant to your area, business & industry.

This unit will help us understand what SEO structure your website needs to optimise organic traffic.

SEO Fix Up

Get your webpages fixed up to deliver the best possible SEO results for your pages.

This unit is only available following a Website SEO analysis or Market SEO unit.

Competitor SEO

Find out why your competitors are successful and discover their SEO secrets.

This unit allows you to select 3 of your chosen competitors and to find out where and how they draw their web traffic.

SEO Content Publishing

Get your new content published, “cornerstone integrated’’ and decorated with images from our professional image subscription.

This unit will ensure your new content is published with strong SEO integrity, anchored to cornerstone content – looking great to Google and your customers.

Website SEO

Analyse the integrity of your SEO structure. Identify all SEO errors and inefficiencies.

This unit will help us identify a list of problems holding you back from performing better in priority search terms.

SEO Growth Strategy

Analyse next priorities for growth and devise an SEO ‘longtail’ wishlist.

We will provide the next 5 longtail content titles and a simple offline template for you to draft or outsource.

Customer Data Capture

Start collecting visitor data or improve the efficiency of your leads with a pop-up A/B test.

This unit provides you with one A/B test setup, reviewed together and then finalised with the most successful version.

Website Road Worthy

A powerful report that details the health of your website. Covers security issues, coding errors and 100s of other issues affecting your website performance.

This unit is a thorough health check of your website’s integrity but not your content. We recommend using this module once per year to improve your vulnerability to hacking, and to keep your growing website looking clean & efficient to Google.

Sales Automation

Set up an effective automated sales campaign and increase your revenue with zero ongoing effort.

This unit is only available to our Active Campaign subscribers and includes one A/B test campaign over 5 steps, reviewed together and set up to run with the most successful version.

Website Heatmap Test

Find out exactly how customers use your website, what they like and what they don’t.

This unit is an essential test to know how to shape your website experience to improve engagement with your potential customers.

Website Maintenence

Get 1 hour of discounted work carried out on your website by a website professional.

This unit is perfect to carry out action after a Website Roadworthy Unit but can also be used for bespoke requests.

[ The Breakdown ]

Equivalent to ~$420 per month.

So that you can see the full value of joining this cooperative model here’s a 100% transparent breakdown about the software and hosting we choose.

While this is the current SecretCEO recipe we always look to upgrade and evolve solutions where we can.

  • Hosting – Google Cloud Platform (with Australian server) – worth $57 per month
  • Security – Provided by WPMUDEVs – worth $67 per month
  • Backup – Secondary Backup Amazon AWS S3 – $1-4 per month
  • Google Business Metadata – Manual Optimisation of Schema.Org directives (structured data)
  • Pop Up Data Capture – Optin Monster “Growth” level – AUD $67 per month
  • Image Condensing – Smush Pro (WPMUDEV)
  • Caching – Hummingbird (WPMUDEV)
  • CDN – Key CDN  – Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, (Brisbane) – slightly better coverage than equivalent Stackpath CDN $13.70 per month
  • Heatmap Software – Hotjar $40 per month
  • SEO Software – SEM Rush – $136.50 per month.
  • Image Account – Twenty20 StockPhotos (unlimited) $39 per month.