We don’t want to go on and on with legal babble that you will never read so here is our very simple to follow terms and conditions.

By joining Secret CEO (trading under House Up The Hill PTY LTD) you agree to allowing us access to your website and other online facilities necessary to action growth initiatives and improve online success.

While we always do our best to follow industry standards in helping our clients grow, things online can occasionally go wrong. In such circumstances, SecretCEO will prioritise bringing you back live with a restored version, however we are not liable for any loss in traffic or revenue during this time.

By using our services you agree and allow SecretCEO staff/employees/directors/contractors and anyone we see as needed, to be able to access your website/domain/wordpress/hosting and any other passwords and login information that you submit to us.

Whilst we work within reputable industry standards and take a professional approach towards data protection, we unfortunately can’t guarantee data security above and beyond the software providers/services that we engage with. We choose only quality solutions for our clients, both for your live online solutions, and for any information/protection and analysis behind the scenes.

As an extra layer of protection for your online presence we keep a secondary & independent version of all backups. While this provides you added opportunities to avoid website-caused downtime, again we cannot guarantee these above and beyond the promise of our suppliers.

As with all our software and hardware providers, SecretCEO reserves the right to change and improve our suppliers where we see fit. We always do this within the best interests of our clients as a co-operative.

Our current hosts do not guarantee 100% uptime of your website, but they do guarantee at least 99% uptime at a bare minimum.

We are highly experienced web and WordPress experts but it is not our responsibility to fix issues caused by:

  • Pre-existing code/plugins/themes of your website that are unable to be advanced/updated or supported.
  • Any breakages caused by you or a third party (contracted by yourself) to any aspect of your website or online presence.

Within our monthly unit choices we do provide access to 1 hour of expert support. This can potentially help fix any issue but is not included as a base agreement.

If something happens to your website, we will have it backed up and restored to a version within 24hours of the issue.

Our package rates are packed full of business grade solutions. Our unit service rates therefore don’t allow for lots of back and forth communication (not that we don’t love you). Our service provides a project discussion followed by clear takeaways for us to complete.

We understand you have a vision for branding, however our cost saving solutions can not and will not always be 100% customisable. If you are serious about growing your business and saving cash, you will need to repay this with a little trust and let us do what we do best within the parameters of our service providers.

To summarise – we want to create a powerful working partnership between you (the owner) and us (the online experts). We rely on you to communicate your expertise and aims in your industry, then trust us to try to grow every valuable KPI of your web presence.

You can cancel anytime, simply email richard@secret.ceo and provide at least 3 days notice before your next invoice is due.  We will then cancel your account and you will not be billed for the following month.

If you ever choose to cancel your account we will send you a CSV file of all your customer data, then upload your website to a backup location so that your new web developer can download it and move it to your new hosting.

If you cancel, no hard feelings, no awkwardness, we will do our best to help you move on and would love to have you back any time. Our goal at SecretCEO is to help you grow to a point where you don’t need to save costs. One day, we hope that you will need to hire more dedicated marketing/sales/online resources to help keep up with your growing success.

We look forward to an exciting journey together and have confidence that becoming a SecretCEO will be one of your best decisions so far.

Tom and Richard
SecretCEO Founders